Western Harvest Ministries Staff and Ranch Directors

Western Harvest Ministries Staff and Ranch Directors

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State Directors 2010


Carry and Tina Joslin (California partners who’s ministry is feeding and ministering through local events for clothing and food for those in need) 

cjoslin@westernharvestministries.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Western Harvest Fellowship Center (Directors and prayer team)

Western Harvest Ministries office line- 817-523-BULL (2855)

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 Western Harvest Ministries 2010 Board of Directors and Volunteer directors

decatur.tx ctb  scott
Scott Mendes Founder and Executive director Weatherford , TX

Angel (My Beautiful Wife) WHM Secretary and Treasure Weatherford , TX


Brandon Donnell (wife Darnell) Original Board of Director (of 8 years) Founder of International Living Streams Ministries in Burleson , TX



Greg Connolly (Programs Director ) Dallas ,TX

Program Director;

By the grace of God Scott and I were brought together back in 1998 by being in a BRO commercial (Bull riders only). We did not know each other but the holly spirit spoke to me that Scott and I were to be together for the kingdom of God. As I was working in Field/Promotional Marketing Scott and I continued to cross paths and built a relationship and one day we came together in the first office of “Spur’n With Jesus” which has developed into “Western Harvest Ministries” and “Conquering The Beast”. Though I carry the title of Program Director my duties are to serve god first and others as well as manage and arrange the calendar, schedules, arrangements, and organization of all proposals that are or to be presented or considered. We look forward to serving you and joining forces to grow the word of God through “Western Harvest Ministries” and “Conquering The Beast”.

Trish Honaker (Ranch development, Grants and tax adviser) Arlington , TX

Zack Wyatt (Director of Communications ) Ft.Worth ,TX