Western Harvest Crossover Ranch

Western Harvest Crossover Ranch

Western Harvest Ministries has been over the years building relationships with many wonderful ministry partners that share the same vision of combining today’s youth and ranch owners together in the power of God’s Love, Word and Promises,to impact lives and to reestablish the family and the local communities back to God’s original design.If you feel the Lord’s leading to help us in building a stronger America in this type of ministry then please contact us and pray about partnering with us,or maybe we can join with you in your vision,but either way it with take us all working together with the Lord leading the charge..

Western Harvest Ministries

Crossover Ranch

(John 5:24)

Program Plan for:


Youth Ranch Program


Organization’s Mission:
Designed for outreach, it’s function is to provide practical training using the Word of God to:

  1. equip the leaders of tomorrow (today’s youth) with the skills mentally, physically and spiritually through education, job skills and hands-on vocational training.
  2. help train the future farmers/ranchers; helping ensure the existence of trained
Program Description:
Youth outreach interfaces with the ranch program to equip at risk youth from inner cities, disadvantaged families, all walks of life, with education, vocational training programs, job skills training in a Christian environment while working with current and retired vocational teachers. Up to five youths will live in one of five farm houses with each house having a specific duty, ie cattle operations or the equestrian program or the pastures, garden, etc. in the ranch program.
Clients or beneficiaries
Families of clients
Staff and management
Board of directors
Community representatives
Local government officials
Sister agencies
Equine Industry
Cattle Ranchers
Feed Lot Operators
Hay, Grain & Crop Farmers
Goat, Sheep, Hog and other livestock
Rodeo hands, Competition western sports amateur & professional
Rodeo Stock Contractors
Juvenile Justice System 



  1. Enable at-risk-youth to develop integrity, self-esteem, confidence and ethical values through Christian-based training
    1. Assess baseline understanding of Jesus Christ and Christianity
      1. Activities
        1. Completion of program application
        2. Completion of program assessment questionaire
      2. Products
        1. Completed measurement tool for assessing baseline
    2. Assess appropriate program placement for discipleship training
      1. Activities
        1. Review completed questionaires for completeness
        2. Categorize questionaires by pre-established category guidelines
        3. Assign program placement per guidelines
      2. Products
        1. Identified match between program and participant for appropriate discipleship training
    3. Application of principles of discipleship training
      1. Activities
        1. Complete discipleship training module, one per month for six month program
        2. Utilize inductive testing at the end of each completed training module
        3. Utilize assessment tool of self-application of inductive module training
        4. Establish conclusions of self- application testing
        5. Convert discipleship training from concept to reality in every day living through practical applications
      2. Products
        1. Measurable training provided in basic spiritual knowledge
    4. Graduation from discipleship training
      1. Activities
        1. At the end of six month discipleship training program final testing will be completed to measure knowledge and understanding
        2. Written review and recommendation by peers and teachers
      2. Products
        1. During one year, 50 youth discipled in spiritual values that can be replicated in each individual family and their local community


    1. Resources
      1. Screening Personnel
      2. 5 Ranch homes
      3. 3 Discipleship teachers
      4. Teaching modules and materials
      5. Funds to purchase land, housing, teaching materials
    2. Outcomes
      1. Short Term
        1. Meet the youth’s goal in obtaining identified basic spiritual needs
      2. Long Term
        1. Establish tools and discipleship training that gives each participant the opportunity to accept the salvation available through Jesus Christ and establish their eternal long term goal, life everlasting.
  1. Enable at-risk-youth to obtain education and vocational skills training to provide better economic opportunities in the livestock industry in a safe christian environment
    1. Provide livestock vocational job skills training through interface with ranch program.
      1. Activities
        1. Assess basic livestock understanding and skills
        2. Assign participants to appropriate Ranch house for vocational skills training in order of assessed qualifications
        3. Vocational Training in Cattle Operation Equestrian Program Hay and Garden Care Groundskeeping/Special Maintenance Landscaping Building Maintenance Construction/Mechanical Skills Office/Computer skills
      2. Products
        1. Provide 50 youth with marketable skills through vocational training in the livestock industry
    2. Provide basic educational skills as needed
      1. Activities
        1. Assess basic reading/writing/math skills
        2. Provide basic education training
      2. Products
        1. Provide basic scholastic educational skills to meet GED and High School graduation requirements


    1. Resources
      1. Ranch and Town Program interface
      2. Teachers, trainers, ranch hands, elderly in each of the five farms to teach livestock industry and basic educational skills
      3. Livestock, equipment, crops/seed
      4. Funding to provide training in livestock industry
      5. Basic scholastic skills training material
      6. Equipment – Youth/Ranch – hay balers, tractors, horse & cattle trailers, pick-up trucks, saddles & tack,various equine tools
    2. Outcomes
      1. Short Term
        1. Provide youth with vocational training and basic educational skills to improve self esteem
      2. Long Term
        1. Provide youth with tools to reach their life goal
        2. Utilize the wisdom, strength, skills of the elderly, retired and skilled livestock industry participants to provide training to the up and coming generation of youth, ensuring the handing down of training from one generation to another
        3. Increase self-esteem and confidence of youth, in their ability to make a good contribution to society and provide for themselves and their future families