Western Harvest Ministries Year-end Letter and Donation Request for 2022

Western Harvest Ministries is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

2021 Year-end report from Scott Mendes and Family

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Western Harvest Ministries Inc. is an organization dedicated to giving young people the tools needed to help them achieve their dreams for tomorrow. The ministry’s vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus through the operation of:

  • Scott’s Professional Bull Riding career

  • Conquering the Beast Bull Riding Training Camps

  • Christian Rodeo Programs

  • Guest speaker at churches throughout the United States

  • All types of media opportunities

  • Partner newsletters

  • Teaching products

These things are all designed to build character traits, self-esteem, and to give a foundation in the Word of God.

A message from Scott Mendes:

As I set down to write and reflect on this year’s activities, outreaches, and ministry responsibilities I’m just simply overwhelmed as to how amazing our Heavenly Father truly is. He is always so true to his promises and 100% faithful in all ways. Years ago, as the Lord began to give me the vision of Western Harvest Ministries and its mission to my family and I, it was clear that we would need to commit to his leadings by having total dependence on him, exhibiting deep faith and trust in every way.

Click to watch the video – Merry Christmas!

Over the years, we have likely made many mistakes in our journey, but one thing is certain. He is so quick to forgive and to always assist in helping us to get back to riding on course if we humbly repent and strive to always maintain a willing servant’s heart. As one might imagine, even though we are in full time ministry, life has a way of being downright overbearing.  Many times, with all the necessary demands and living and functioning on this planet prove to be downright tough. For us, like many of you, it is a total balancing act in which we often times must let go of past accomplishments.

Mission Statement:

Western Harvest Ministries, Inc.

“Is an organization dedicated to giving young people the tools needed to help them achieve their dreams for tomorrow. The ministry’s vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus through the operation of camps as well as presentations conducted in schools, churches and other public forums as a method of teaching young people good character traits, building their self-esteem, teaching them the Word of God and providing a platform to motivate them in the building of skills training.”

The challenges of raising our family in the admonition and fear of the Lord, while at the same making ourselves available to serve the Lord in any capacity that he sees fit for us, is key to being an effective witness and ambassador for his kingdom. It is vitally important to us to always be able to give an account of just who he is in our lives and how he, and he alone, guides us in every aspect of our days, as we learn how to resist this world and to press into our relationship with him.

The current pandemic situation that is now confronting the entire world is playing out before our eyes and exposing the hearts of people with some of the evilest agendas ever being seen in history. People are being challenged in ways they’ve never even contemplated and each and every person is at one time, or another being forced to examine their basic belief system. What at one time was absolute truth, is now being reported by the media as a false narrative.  2021 has seemingly ushered in a perfect storm if you allow your hearts to receive anything other than the truth of God’s word.

The truth of God’s word is the very thing that has enabled my family and I to be overcomers, more than conquerors and it is also the cornerstone to all our ministry and outreach efforts. We constantly strive to engage, empower, and equip all those that we are so blessed to cross paths with. Our ministry is truly unique and I’m sure that is why the Lord has blessed us with amazing partners like yourself. Please allow me to share what I mean by unique; you all likely know that I was a professional rodeo athlete, and the Lord was incredibly gracious in allowing me to be crowned with great honors and accomplishments during my career.  With his help along the way I discovered the life changing power of a true relationship with him and the absolute need for me to renew my mind according to his word. This renewal (Romans 12:2) transformed my life forever. It also allowed me the inner strength to redefine my poor self-image and to have my understanding enlightened to the very reason as to why I was seeking to gain the whole world but was losing my soul along the way.

Once I yielded to the Lord’s plans, I would then receive from him the ability to take a non-compromising stand against all the worldly and fleshly desires that were present in the life I was leading. I had to learn how to do this in love with all my family, friends and fans. I even did so with my sponsors and their endorsement offers within my beloved sport of Pro rodeo. In saying all of this I’m simply reminding myself and hopefully you as well, that the platforms and influences in our lives are a strong indicator of just how blessed we can be if we are able to truly die to our flesh daily, take up our cross and follow him. If you are like me, you clearly understand that apart from him we can do nothing and because of him we can do all things to bring glory and honor to Him as our beloved Lord and Savior.

Western Harvest Ministries is an evangelistic outreach ministry as we travel throughout the country, but in our local community, by utilizing our small ministry ranch training facility, we are more staged as a teaching and discipleship-based ministry with our monthly advertised programs. Each year we depend upon our partners and various organizations and a few fundraising events such as annual golf tournaments, team roping, bull riding events, rodeo Bible camps and bull riding training camps, concerts and teaching seminars. These all serve to help raise our annual budget. Of course, with all the past travel restrictions and new governmental policies it has not been business as usual compared to our previous years of traveling. That was one reason that we felt the need to simply use whatever means possible to continue to teach and speak into the lives of all our partners and followers.  The Lord led us to begin live streaming on Facebook on Sunday mornings with our weekly Bible study messages. We call this weekly time,  “Riding on Course” and have now consistently been doing these since the Spring of 2020. It has served as a perfect way to counter with good, what the enemy meant for bad.

You can see all the teaching from each week on our YouTube channel. We know that the media is a powerful vehicle to deliver the gospel message and we try to use that delivery platform as much as we can in things like national interviews and the production of faith and family films. (i.e., The Prodigal Cowboy) In addition to our livestreams and our YouTube channel content, in 2022 we will be announcing some breakthrough opportunities in that very area of media production. But we can’t allow for that bull to be let out of the chute just yet.

Stay tuned and make sure to bookmark and follow our ministry in the New Year, in fact we would love to have you become what we call a Harvest Partner by prayerfully considering supporting our ministry, not only with a year-end gift but also monthly throughout the coming year. Your support would tremendously help us in reaching more of today’s youth and their families right where they are, with the gospel of Jesus Christ and his good news. One of the most astonishing things that we frequently hear various people say is that while they may not grace the door of a common church, they are so excited to be able to be a part of our weekly YouTube messages and/or attend an event at our local location.

In closing, while it would be very nice to be able to give you an exact number of just how many lives have been impacted in this past year through our ministry efforts, we just do not know how to do that with media having played such a role. But we can assure you that we have consistently labored to place the highest priority in sharing God’s love and word with the hurting and lost around us and among us in as many ways as we possibly could.  With that said I’m confident that as you see the attached photos and follow a few of the media links, it will be evident to you that our Lord has kept us about his business, and he has certainly graced us with incredible opportunities and faithful partners like you that are the ones truly responsible for sending us out on the front lines to continue to Conquer the Beast. These last 2 years have really brought home for all of us just how much that “Beast” has been turned loose on the earth, ushering in what is surely the end times we are living in.

Angel and I would like to sincerely thank you on behalf of our family and ministry for trusting in us enough to invest in our vision and future ministry legacy. Please also know that a day doesn’t go by that we don’t pray for you and your families and businesses to be covered and blessed greatly in everything that you find to put your hands to. In today’s world it’s more evident than ever that we must all stand together in all our beliefs and efforts and most importantly, in our obedience to what the Lord is commissioning us to do.  As you and I know, he’s never changed what his commission is to us and that is to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”  Thank you so very much for standing with us in this past year and in the New Year to come. Together in partnership we will make lasting differences in many lives.

Go with God,

Scott Mendes
Founder & Executive Director Western Harvest Ministries

Western Harvest Ministries is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. Donations to Western Harvest Ministries Harvest are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and are used to further our mission.

Western Harvest Ministries’ tax identification number is 45-0492675.

Make your gift before January 1 to receive a tax deduction for 2021.

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We look forward to the opportunity to co-labor alongside you as we fill the kingdom of God together.

Thank you partners and friends. Your faithful support helps us reach many young people in a unique way where they are with the love of God and equip them with the resources to live a victorious life.

Our vision is to Spur On and encourage today’s youth with the unconditional love of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Below are just a few of our 2021 Ministry Outreach’s and Opportunities:

*Spoke at Buffalo Creek Fellowship Cowboy Church.
*Help Young Man with Drug Addictions by working in conjunction with the mercy house
*No annual golf due to Covid
*“The American” rodeo, Arlington Texas.
*Scott officiated Reid Santiago’s Wedding.
*Scott and Angel attended the Sky Ranch Cowboys and Cowboys Annual fundraising Gala, Dallas   Texas.
*Attended Bull Riding Hall of Fame Annual Banquet.
*Amy Stoney served as a volunteer in office duties and organization at the Ministry headquarters, Weatherford Texas.
*Attended and participated in the annual Quintana Ranch Branding, Sunset Texas. Scott was given the honor of conducting a Baptism of Amy Stoney:

*National Television Interview on RFDTV’s weekly broadcast of “Special Cowboy Moments.” (RFDTV and The Cowboy Channel reaches over 50 million homes.)
*Scott and Kolten attended a Father Son ministry camp. Dallas Texas. Scott delivered a message and operated the robotic bull.

*Scott ministered at the “Forged in Faith” ministry outreach to their community.  He also operated the Robotic Bull for the kids. Ord, Nebraska
*Conducted Private CTB Bull riding schools Weatherford Texas
*Scott ministered at the “International Mini Bulls World Finals” Mesquite Texas.
*PBR Heroes and Legends Las Vegas, Nevada, media,
*Attended and competed in the first annual “Quintana Roping Event”
*Scott ministered at the Texoma Junior Rodeo Association Finals. Ada Oklahoma.
*Attended and partnered with a Fundraiser for Israel- “The Red Heifer Banquet.” Glen Rose, Texas
*Aided Barrel racer and Cowgirl Extraordinaire, Mrs. Judy Ford in the producing and publishing of her memoir, Judy Ford’s Lifetime Legacy book. It was produced through Western Harvest Media.
*Team roping practice held here at the Western Harvest Ministry Ranch throughout 2021.
*Attended various Local Jackpot team roping’s. Throughout 2021.
*Worked with local high school bull riders from North Texas High School Rodeo Association. Throughout 2021
*“Riding on Course” Weekly Bible study messages 1 hour each Sunday all year due to Covid
*Bought a ministry ranch welder and will use it to introduce the various rodeo kids and young men to the skill of Welding.
*Went through the February 2021 Texas winter storm.  Experienced a frozen well head and numerous broken pipes that we repaired after the thaw. (No problems were experienced UNTIL things froze immediately upon the implementation of the local Electric Company’s forced rolling brown and blackouts.)
*Angel did various volunteer work within the local homesteading group and homeschooling group. She also baked 300+ Christmas cookies and stocking donations for the new Springtown Rehab and Senior Citizens Center.
* Through Angel’s raising of chickens, she conducted an egg ministry in which she donated 1000s of fresh eggs to various local elderly people, our local food pantry, and our local food blessing shack.
*Scott accepted many volunteer opportunities that were presented to help local ranchers with branding and cattle work.
*Youth Night at the PBR Dickies High School bull riders and homeschoolers.
*Local Hs Kids using CTB training camp equipment
*Ministry Donations to goodwill
*The movie, “The Prodigal Cowboy” movie hits Amazon and starts worldwide distribution.

*We have Continued to enhance our riding on course mobile app
*We will be attempting to secure other avenues for our weekly message due to our experiencing huge Facebook censorship throughout 2021.

Ministry Ranch Upkeep

*Our beloved Bunkhouse was severely damaged in the Texas storm and was removed. Our desire for the future would be to replace it with another building of some sort to utilize the utilities that are available in that spot, to house the 6 sets of the bunk beds that we currently have to sleep the various young men that Scott frequently works with and for different youth outreaches that we would like to host in 2022.


Scott, thank you for making your messages ready to view not only live but for viewing later. I can listen again to clarify and sometimes hear something I missed when I first saw it. It’s a constant battle to stay on the right road and being able to hear the word anytime strengthens my commitment. Praise his holy name!
– Patricia

Love you Scott. Heard you preach in your truck as you drove to the rodeo. You are a preacher and Bible teacher as well as an evangelist and one of the greatest bull riders of all time. Your love for the Lord has replaced your cowboy career but your reward in heaven will be great. Only God knows all you have given of yourself in response to His calling. Pleasing the flesh is easy. Pleasing God is only possible thru the power of the Holy Spirit living His life thru us.
– Mrs. Ruth

Hey Champ, had a pretty fair audience last Sunday. Your work is noticed my friend. Keep hammering away, it’s working. Gunslinger.
– Darryl

Hey Scott, I know you have a lot going on. I try not to say busy…being under satans yoke. When and if you get a chance may be you help or explain why I dont feel the love of Our Lord and Savior. I believe in Him and his Love for each and everyone of us. I want to feel His Love in my life. Why is it that I seem to feel the devil and evil so much stronger in my life than His Love. I have cried out for Him and I know it’s by the Grace and Blessing He has given me that Im still here, still trying, still moving forwards. But it’s like Im get the bare minimum….just enough to get by from Him. I want to feel Him and His Love and Presence strong and even stronger than I do the devil and his lies and evil. What can I do to switch it? Is it me? I give thanks for things just to be okay because 10% is just okay the other 90% is bad. Its like Im stumbling and cant get to me feet. Its like the devils pushes down and tripping me is stronger than my Lord lifting me up. May be you’ve came across someone feeling like I do and have may have some suggestions on what I can do to change this. No rush to respond I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to fight this, and figure it out somehow. Thank you for your time Scott and keep teaching His Word because through His Word is how we are saved. Thank you Scott.
– Brandon