2010 Year End Report

Western Harvest Ministries 2010 Year in Review….

I would first of all like to open this report by saying that thanks to the Lord’s unfailing faithfulness and his endless grace, we are able to share all of the wonderful things that he has done for the ministry in 2010.

I would also like to take a moment to sincerely thank each and every one of you who are reading this for your prayers for us and for laboring alongside of us in our many various outreaches. For those of you who have had the ability to sow financial gifts, (that so many times have arrived in God’s divine timing), and also to all our fathers in the faith that have went before the Lord on our behalf to help us through the rough waters, our prayers are that God himself will account to you many blessings and much wisdom in all that you will lay your hands to in the year 2011.

In this New Year I feel in my spirit that we are so very close to experiencing a very big breakthrough in the spirit realm that will ultimately change things in the natural realm. One of the major reasons for what we are going to be seeing is that as the Bible says in Galatians 6:9 NLT, “So don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for you WILL reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time”. It has always been a thrill to simply walk out God’s plans for both our personal family life, as well as, in the ministry and with its vision.

With each passing year of ministry we have watched the Lord both change us and mature his master plan for establishing the solid foundation our ministry. And if we would ever choose to build on our own, and to not have Jesus as the cornerstone of the foundation, then we would be laboring in vain and when the storms came against us we would most definitely be washed away.

Today I’m so very thankful for all of the Lord’s mercies and how he is always so graceful in his forgiveness to us when we do stumble or think that we can do it on our own. I cannot count how many times I have had to seek the Lord to humble myself and ask him for forgiveness of my ignorance and my stupidity in my so called leadership and decision making. In every case he has in a very firm but loving way challenged me to stop internalizing my situations from my perspective, and to allow him to intervene through my faith in him. In which faith can only come through revelation of the word.

We should all be so thankful that the Lord has made being victorious in him, so very simple. He lived his entire life and ministry here on earth among us as an example in which we all can follow, no matter what our age or education might be. Because of his victory (the cross) we also have victory in every area of our lives and our ministries as well. We have just got to see through the eyes of our faith, and renew our minds to his word daily so that we can develop the necessary blue print needed to build our lives in accordance to how he first created us.

It all comes down to the Vision that he gives to each of us when we express our willingness and desire to serve him. So many of you have been with us on this journey through the years and have had the opportunity to share in watching the Lord preparing us and equipping us. You’ve seen us stumble and sometimes fall, and you’ve seen us reach the tops of the mountains, with him as our guide every step of the way as he has unfolded the vision he has entrusted us with.

And while I wish I could confidently tell you that we now know everything that we wants’ us to do, and exactly how to do it. That would be inaccurate; because the best that I can see it is that just as is his way, he is giving us bits and pieces with every passing day, month, and year. By doing it this way he is changing us, and he is continuing to lead us each step of the way (as long as we stay out of his way with our rational way of thinking or carnality).You might say that is why I earlier said it is a thrill when you are whole heartily seeking to follow God’s destiny for your live.

My goal is not to peach at you but rather to encourage you to step out in an uncompromising faith in 2011 so that you will be able to bear witness to the Lord’s faithfulness and to also receive all of his benefits in which he promises to reward all of his obedient children with.

In closing please allow me to say that although God has given every individual or every ministry a vision to fulfill, it will always be incomplete without it coming together with all of the other God given visions around the world. That is why we must build together and do everything within our powers to come under his authority.

Together in partnership we can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God and there is no greater love than in the bond of unity, and so it goes “The World will never want what we have if we are merely selling lip service and not producing evident fruit in our lives to share with others.

The following events and meetings took place in 2010 through Western Harvest Ministries and the Fellowship Center. Many people have been challenged with the word of God in loving ways, and I know that the word that has been sent forth will not return void but will accomplish what it was sent to do. And so that means that it is our deepest desire that the Lord will provide the increase in 2011, and exciting things will begin to happen so that many would find their way out of their personal wilderness of wandering around, to a place of sold-out commitment where they and their families will begin to take ownership of a new life in Christ Jesus. One that will honor the Lord and that will open the windows of heaven’s blessings in a way that will not be able to be contained.

*Sunday services all year maintained my Pastor duties and responsibilities.

*Wednesday night adult bible study, children’s meeting, and youth group took place all year.

* Ladies Bible study meetings bi-weekly through-out the year.

Special Speakers included –

Board member, Brandon Daniel

Evangelist, Wes Ward

Youth Pastors, Steve and Misty Shearer

Music Ministers, Greg and Debra

Devout man of God, Mike Sklare

*Youth bake sale raising $232.00

*Christmas Party 35+

* Partnered with Local Food Pantry Center of Hope, Weatherford, Texas.

*Men’s Meetings

Special events that took place throughout the year included-

*Celebrity Panel Guest Cowboy camp fire tails (Ft.

Worth Stock Show and Rodeo)

*Scott was asked to represent the Western end of the “Cowboys and Cowboys” Annual event for the Sky Ranch fund raising Banquet. We donated silent action items and helped to raise over $300,000.00 for their summer camps and outreach programs around the nation. All Representatives were Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys and World Champion Rodeo Cowboys.

*Scott, Kaden, and Moe Hedrick where invited guests to the Dallas Christian Media Academy awards Banquet in Dallas ,Texas to show our “Gold Score” movie trailer, with the TBN family.

*Open 4D Barrel Race at the Western Harvest Ministry Arena with 30 girls participating.

*We also hand a few bull riding practice nights.

*Scott was the key note speaker at New River Fellowship Church in Weatherford, Texas where he ministered at a men’s dinner to over 400 men from the community.

*Took place in our Dallas Cowboy Stadium outreach to continuously raise funds for Western Harvest all year with 8-12 volunteers. Events included all Dallas Cowboy’s home games, college football games, concerts, Monster Truck events, BMX events and more. We also have a team who will work the Super Bowl on Feb 6th

*Old Building was demolished and removed.

* Last service in Springtown office in town.

* First Service in New Ministry buildings at the new headquarters ranch.

*Scott Conducted the funeral for Mr. Red Teal. A friend and neighbor.

*Special Church Service Speaker for the jockey’s church service at Philadelphia, Mississippi’s Neshoba County fair.

* Church Pot luck

*Scott Spoke at a Teen Challenge graduation for the Salmari Family at Victory Christian Center in Azle, Texas.

*Scott was the Opening Speaker for the Olustee, Oklahoma farm and ranch revival, was open to the entire community and presented by First Baptist Church.

*2 X TBN Worldwide television guest speaker.

*Ministered at Runaway Bay Church in Bridgeport, Texas. 200+ chuck wagon Breakfast in a beautiful outside service.

*Guests of the Salmari Family at Homestead Heritage Ranch’s Christmas Musical in Elm Mott, Texas.

Special Donations-

*Ft. Worth Science Museum and medical center donated 5 desktop computers (Optiplex GX520, 4 Dell flat screen monitors, and network printer HP Laserjet 4200. They also donated a 1997 ford Taurus car used for local, arena, and ranch use, a Golf cart for ranch maintenance use and a desk and office chair.

*5,000 feet of steel pipe 2 7/8 from Quick Silver resources of Ft. Worth and Glenn Rose, Texas.

* 250 tons of flex base to continue building roads around the ministry from Dallas Rock Company, Wier Brothers. They also will be helping to provide arena sand in the near future.

Special Work Performed-

*New pipe entry way, pipe roping boxes and loading chutes welded donated by Mr. Wes Ward. (He is also currently working on 6 large holding pens behind arena.)

*1,500 feet of road base and parking lot purchased.

Dozer work to spread road and parking lot and to fix arena drainage donated by Mr. Rick Reid.

*2- 24X64 Metal portable classroom buildings bought from Mountain Home Movers out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and delivered from Springtown High School.

*12×60 bunkhouse trailer fully equipped to sleep 14 donated by SunShine Ministries of Azle, Texas and moved by George and Linda Ishman of Springtown, Texas.

*Scott Installed 2 complete septic system with the help of volunteers.

*Wired both buildings through donations and experience of Master Electrician, Justin Whitaker of Decatur, Texas.

*All plumbing work and fittings donated by Tom and Sissy Odom.

*Skirting of all three buildings done.

2011 needs and agendas-

*Continue with promoting and producing the Motion Pitcher “Gold Score”

*Purchase livestock for future schools and camps.

*Paint all buildings

*Install durable, inexpensive (Laminate) flooring in both church and kid’s classrooms.

*Establish new marketing strategies

*Open arena camps, weekly practices

*Host quarterly outreach events

*Attain bleachers for arena

*Install arena lights (we have light but need additional power lines ran)

*Draft business plans for the Christian rodeo academy

*Build partnership base with both National and Local focus

*Shoot training video

*Attain office help

*Continue to apply for grants

*Book speaking engagements and training camps throughout the United States

*Work towards stationing our monthly bull ridings with other national groups

Thank you so very much for your valuable time in reviewing this year -end report of how God himself has been work through us here at Western Harvest Ministries. Although there is no real way of mentoring exactly how many people truly have given their lives to the Lord through our efforts in this past year .You can be assured that we have been given many powerful and unique opportunities in fulfilling the great commission of going into all the world and sharing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ our Lord and his unconditional Love for the lost and hurting of the world.

I, along with all of us here at Western Harvest Ministries and the Fellowship Center would like to ask you to personally seek the Lord about joining our team in this new 2011 year as a monthly ministry partner (This can be done on our web site www.westernharvestministries.com as an on line service, or you can simply mail in your support) so that we can continue to move forward with confidence and much needed support. We have a vision to minister to the entire western world and all of the families that make up that world, and yes it is too big for us to go it alone.

We also have for many years believed the Lord for bring us more labors for the coming harvest, and so there are many areas and ways in which one might begin to service along side of us. Please continue to visit our web site as we are always updating it and finding new ways to reach out to the multitudes with life changing information.

May the Lord himself greatly use you in 2011, and may his richest kingdom blessings cover you and your families and all of your business fairs every day.

If the Lord has quicken your spirit to help us in any way please contact our office at the contact below, and or you can reach me with my personal contact as well.

In the Lords Service;

Scott Mendes Family and Ministry Team

P.S, we will be sending out all contribution letters for 2010 by Jan 31, and we will post our annual 990 IRS filling in may.

Scott Mendes
Founder & President
Western Harvest Ministries
6577 Old Springtown Road
Weatherford,TX 76085
Office # 523-BULL (2855)
Cell # 817-995-9087